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Oil Extraction

When picked olives are delivered at Klein Olyvenbosch, they are weighed before going through a 4 step process.


Step 1 - Cleaning the olives by removing leaves and twigs followed by washing the olives to remove any dust or sand.

Step 2 - Crushing the olives into a paste to tear the flesh cells and facilitate the release of the oil.

Step 3 - Malaxing (Stirring) the paste for 20 to 45 minutes allows small oil droplets to combine into bigger ones before centrifugation.

Step 4 - The two phase centrifuge separates the oil from a wet paste, removing water and other potential suspended matter.

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Oil Filtration

The oil is then left in tanks where a final separation, or racking happens through gravity for up to 3 months, leaving a clean and clear ready to use oil.

Alternately this process can be sped up through a rapid filtration method.


The decrease in time comes at a price, with oil loss that cannot be recovered from the filters.





NOTE: Filtration does not have a negative impact on the taste or the quality of the of the oil and does not does change the final product.

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After racking, the oil is ready for bottling. Klein Olyvenbosch offers bottling and shrink sealing of olive oil bottles to an almost final product, ready for labelling.

Please enquire about bottle type, availability and pricing. These need to be arranged in advance to ensure that enough time is allocated for bottling and that it is a seamless quality controlled process.

NOTE: Take into consideration the lead times required to source all the components for bottling based on the volumes and your requirements.

Olive Oil Sales

Our oil is sourced from olives grown on the farm and also from surrounding small growers to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

The neighbouring olives are purchased specifically for oil production, these olives are pressed within a day of delivery and decanted into a settling tank to remove any extra sediment remaining from the centrifugal extraction process. The oil has a unique flavour profile as the area only produces a limited number of olive varieties (mainly Frantoio, Mission and Coratina).


All batches of oil, once settled and bottled are lab tested to confirm quality and expected shelf life before being made available for sale.

​Olive oil sales can accommodate small batch, as little as 6 bottles up to small retail volumes, a few hundred units per season.

500 ml Bottles

1 Liter Steel Cans (Special Request)

Larger volumes can also be arranged


Please Contact Us for availability and prices.