Our Oil

Our oil is comprised of olives grown on the farm and sourced from surrounding small growers to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The neighbouring olives are purchased specifically for oil production, these olives are pressed within a day of delivery and decanted into a settling tank to remove any extra sediment remaining from the centrifugal extraction process, thus the oil produced comes from a number of growers and combined, creating a unique flavour profile as the area only produces a limited number of olive varieties (mainly Frantoio, Mission and Kalamata )


All batches of oil, once settled and bottled are lab tested to confirm quality and expected shelf life before being made available for sale.

​Olive oil sales can accommodate small batch, as little as 6 bottles up to small retail volumes, a few hundred units per season.

500 ml Bottles

1 Liter Steel Cans (Special Request)

Larger volumes can also be arranged


Please Contact Us for availability and prices.